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Hi Hotties!!! 

    My name is Gianna Petrilli, I am the owner of the Petrilli Clothing! During my first ever tailgate I went to at college I noticed that everyone had cut up their shirts and made them into something unique and cute. After watching a few tutorials and trying it out for myself, I began to fall in love with how the shirts I was creating made me feel. Whenever I would wear the shirts I felt like I would stand out in the crowd on game days.


    I soon began redesigning all of my friends shirts so, they too, could feel like they stood out in a crowd. Seeing how confident my friends felt in the clothes that I created is what inspired me to start Petrilli Clothing.


    I started Petrilli Clothing in August 2018 in hopes that everyone could look and feel like my hottie besties and stand out in the crowd on game days! #tistheseason